About Us

Abcd Office is an online platform with which you can process your PDFs quickly and easily. We chose to create this PDF processing and conversion platform because we found that most users need to download software in order to process a PDF. That's why we wanted to offer a simpler and faster solution!

We made sure to capture all the functionality you might need to process a PDF document for business or personal purposes. All the tools you might need are in one place, and you can even find all the documents you've already converted in the past.

Abcd Office was created to provide premium PDF editing tools - without expensive software licenses or unnecessary desktop applications. Abcd Office allows you to edit, convert, compress, and add text to PDF files right in your browser and access these files via the cloud when needed.

Why are you offering all of these PDF editing tools for free?

Because we believe everyone should have access to a free, high quality PDF editor. You shouldn't have to pay for software that you don't use every day. If you find that you use our tools frequently and need more file downloads than are available in our free plan, we of course offer monthly or yearly subscriptions at great prices that won't break your budget.

Our job

Make simple and efficient tools available to the world for free.

We believe in

We believe in dynamics and results. We want to make things easy and comfortable for our users by continuously developing the software.

We believe that data security is the most important asset in our industry. That is why data protection and security have top priority for us.

We believe in small, agile and unbureaucratic teams.